Garage Conversions - "We make that unused space a warm & habitable place"
Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the work take?
An average conversion takes around 7 to 10 working days.

Do I need planning?
In most cases no, however you will need to complete a building notice application which we can carry out on your behalf.

Is it messy?
Most of the work is carried out in the garage initially. Knocking through is done as late as possible which avoids dust in your house and does not compromise security.

Will it match my house?
We work alongside the major brick suppliers within the North East and are therefore able to provide a quality brick matching service. We believe your garage conversion should look as if it has always been there. Much effort is made to ensure that your garage conversion matches as sympathetically as possible. We won't lay a single brick until you are satisfied with the match.

We would like to have a utility at the back of the conversion. Is this possible?
Yes. Many people chose to convert half the garage and turn the back into a utility, wc or shower room. you can really use the new space for anything you wish.

Will it be warm enough?
Your conversion is likely to be warmer than your house! Insulation requirements have increased since your house was built. Therefore the insulation of your garage conversion will surpass that of your house. A radiator will also be installed in your conversion.

How soon after can I decorate?
Because of the new method of plastering known as dry lining, decorating can be carried out within days. It is very easy to tell when the plastering has dried out.
Will the work comply with current building regulations?
Absolutely yes, all our work must comply with building regulations, once your conversion is complete you receive a certificate from the local authority.

How much will my Garage Conversion Cost?
Every garage conversion differs depending on size, position of garage, age of property etc. A very rough guide would be from £5995.

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